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12/2021 Updated essay, "Bounce With The Ball", with video examples
6/2019TT as Community by National Geographic
10/2018Tom's 4th Ball Surprise, a mystery of corkscrew spin.
3/2016RR6.txt for 6-way round robin tournaments.
3/2014 Timo Boll vs. Robot, March 11
12/2013 See Ma Long practice his forehand with slo-mo. Carefully observe here many facets of canonical technique in TT. For example, by watching this you can confirm or reject Tom Veatch's "bounce-with-the-ball" principle: Do you see exactly TWO two-footed bounces per ball contact, each timed such that the feet contact the ground just as the ball touches the table? Ma Long's post-hit foot-bounce seems to be actually timed EARLIER than the ball contact on the table! So don't bounce late! What else do you see? (Thanks to Julien Couvreur for this link!)
11/2013 Some highlights from the World's.
10/2013 Pingpong philosophy book review, watch out! I think I must be Mina Di Sospiro.
9/2013 SPTTC has quarterly Open tournaments, check them out here
3/2013 2013 SPTTC March Open
1/2013 2013 SPTTC January Open
10/2012 2012 SPTTC October Open
8/2012 2012 SPTTC Summer Open
9/2011 2011 Bellevue Fall Open
8/2011 Bounce With The Ball a solution to the footwork choreography problem in table tennis.
7/2011 TechFlash Ping Pong a.k.a. Ping Pong for Business Networking. It's hot!
6/2011 How to run a Fabulous Middle School Ping Pong Demonstration
Notes for an interview with KIRO radio
5/2011 Obama and Cameron play TT
2/2011 American Hinoki, a series of experiments in TT woods. Note the V-grip blade!
1/2011 Van Asselt Community Center in Seattle is running its first tournament. Please turn out and support them!
Forehand in a chair. No, your elbow doesn't swing behind you in the windup then across your chest in the follow-through, no. Here you can see clearly emphasized the relative magnitude of elbow motion versus body rotation, with the use it's done in the rotating office chair. So keep your elbow in one position relative to your rib-cage. Rotate your body, don't slide your elbow back and forth in the swing.
12/2010 To easily run a tournament, use these forms:
To record a single match: match.card
To seed and record a Single Elimination event: SE4, SE8, SE16, and SE32.
To record a Round Robin group: RR4, RR5.
Note: An SE event can also use match.card for each match.
Note: An RR event can also use an SE bracket after group winners come out.
11/2010 More TT Tournament software from Lily Yip and Barry Dattel. Any comments, reviews? How's David Marcus doing with Zermelo? I'd like to hear a few more-recent opinions, though I am almost sold by the testimonials at the Zermelo page. On the other hand, here's my own latest diatribe against tournament software
10/2010 The 3rd Seattle City Table Tennis Championship Tournament:
Sponsors include Killerspin, Paddle Palace, Seattle Pacific TT Center, and the Green Lake Advisory Council.
Killerspin donated $1700 in prizes!
Press Release.
Seattle Times article.
Seattle Times photos.
Sue's Photos
Improved Round Robin RR4 and RR5 event scorecards and single-match scorecards, a.k.a. match card, score sheet, etc.).
9/2010 Green Lake TTC ups the ante! The Green Lake gym has New Bright Lights, along with up to 14 New or Almost-New Tables, High Ceilings, Lowered Rates ($5/night, $3 for kids). Chairman Kim Goldov reports "Green Lake now has the best Table Tennis playing conditions in the State of Washington."
Samson Dubina writes about about 9 common styles and how to play against them.
NEXY Korean paddle designer talks about paddle design.
8/2010 2010 Bellevue Fall Open
7/2010 Our new local club, the Seattle Pacific Table Tennis Club in Bellevue has had its Grand Opening and is in operation. Congratulations!
5/2010 The Mind Game of Table Tennis, by me.
4/2010 2010 Bellevue Spring Open Entry Form
Penny Arcade Ping Pong: Hilarious.
Comic: Paint the Line
Video: PA vs. Bungie
3/2010 Brodmann Ping Pong Paddle
Cheap Equipment: Green Magic Bat ~$15 | 144 balls, $20 | Talk to him for unposted stock |
2/2010 Training Video A student of mine (before & after: nice improvement) & me: nice backhand Tom, if I do say so myself! (at 2:45 in).
1/2010 Kids (9-11) Program at Green Lake TTC Saturdays 5:15-6:30 at least until March 13!
Beijing 2008 Slo-Mo TT
Meadowbrook Community Center drop in table tennis opens Monday 1/4/2010 6:30-8:45pm.
12/2009 New York Times video on TT in California and an article there too
Christmas Table Inventory at GLTTC
11/2009 Pac Rim Tournament in Portland, 11/7-8
10/2009 Joe Romanosky's Links: Ma Lin's serve, Federal Way TTC on YouTube!
10/2009 Green Lake's Ping Pong Ladder
9/2009 Rashun Singleton's Table Tennis Story
8/2009 First humanoid ping pong playing robot
7/2009 Fox13's Geek TT Tournament Story (Valeri Kim won)
7/2009 Barack Obama buys a Stiga TT table.
6/2009 A TT training video channel on YouTube (coachtt123).
4/2009 Tennis Mind Game Another book about tennis psychology, could be useful.
3/2009 The Inner Game of Tennis the classic book about the psychology of sport, as applicable to table tennis as it is to tennis.
2/2009 "What is the beauty of tennis?" asked by Charlie Rose of Andre Agassi.
1/2009Highlight Video found at UWTTC website
12/2008Super Seattle results at the US Nationals:
  • Valeri Kim, winner, U-2100
  • Sung Yang, finalist, U-2200
  • Sakda Timsuwan semi-finalist, Men's Over 40
  • Roel Aguanta, semi-finalist, U-2300
  • Bernardo Iturriago, semi-finalist, U-2100
  • Andre Kahr and Joe Lee, semi-finalists, Over 50 Doubles
  • Andre Kahr and Nikita Shamgunov, semi-finalists, U-3700 Doubles
  • Impressive (but unrelated to Seattle): Tahl Liebowitz won the Paralympic Standing Open (classes 6-10) and also was a Men's Open Doubles finalist with Adam Hugh. Congrats to Tahl and his coach Sean O'Neill.
These results prove the high level of play and of skill improvement for these high-level club players at the Washington TTC, run by Fan Yi Yong in Bellevue. All the above Seattle players play there regularly, perhaps excepting Sung Yang who is a genius and table tennis school unto himself. If you're around 2000 or better and want to improve, play at the WTTC.

12/2008Table Tennis is the world's best Brain Sport from psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Amen
11/2008Federal Way goes to Tuesdays (PowerPoint about the FWTTC)
10/2008TTmatic robot (anti-)recommendation
9/2008Haruna Fukuoka's V Grip Serve
8/2008Coach Judy and Quan Gu
7/2008 NBC Olympics Top 8 points from the men's finals matches
5/2008Wang Chen's story
4/2008New York Times article on Table Tennis as an Executive Pursuit
3/2008Photographic record of the Seattle City Championships at the Green Lake TTC
2/2008Seattle City Championships to be held at Green Lake, March 29
1/2008Gennadiy Shpreyregin takes over as GLTTC Coach
12/2007Boy Waldner video. Watch his elbow as he practices.
11/2007Puget Sound Table Tennis Exchange is up for discussions about all our clubs. Thanks, Yazel!
10/2007 Green Lake table tennis classes have started! Please support our Junior, Senior, and Women's programs by inviting your friends and family!
9/2007A new website is up for the Cao Yan Hua Table Tennis School(s) (and clubs) in Shanghai, which I visited in 2002. See and click on "English".
8/2007Fan Yi Yong interview with the Tacoma Tribune
3/2007Waldner career highlights video. Notice his calm and his acceleration.
2/2007Coach Judy and Tommy Chung
1/2007I've been teaching ping-pong at Green Lake almost every Sunday at 4pm for two years now. I have my limitations, but I can help many players at least a little. I invite you to drop in and join us for some guided practice! (Free for first-timers.)
12/2006GLTTC scheduled holiday closures posted.
My technique teaching document on table tennis strokes, Orthodox Technique, now has a new section on backhand stroke mechanics
11/2006GLTTC is starting a round robin system for Saturdays.
9/2006Polish highlights video
3/2006Spring Quarter GLTTC Skills Development Course, April 2 to June 11, 2006, Sundays from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.
2/2006GLTTC has a new website:!
1/2006GLTTC has a new president: Me!
12/2005GLTTC has two new National Champions: Mark Wood (U-1700) and Alex Lebedev (U-1200)
11/2005DeathToPeanuts video on XTT
9/2005Fall 2005 Washington Open Entry Form (MS Doc file, scan before opening!) here. September 9-11.
8/2005Allen Lin goes to Cao Yanhua TT School in Shanghai, cached copy here.
5/2005Yi Yong Fan's 7-days-a-week club opens! Visit for details
Seattle Open(as MS Word doc file) June 11 and 12.
Washington Open(entry form (as PDF) May 27, 28, and 29.
4/2005Bellevue Spring Open(as MS Word doc file [possible virus-carrier] or as rtf file [safe]) on April 30 & May 1.
Update on the GLTTC Skills Development Program, Sundays 4-6pm
3/2005Announcing a Continuing Program for Table Tennis Skills Development at Green Lake TTC, Sundays 4-6pm
Feedback from the previous class at Green Lake TTC, Sundays 4-6pm
2/2005Team Scored Round Robin an enhancement for club round robin tournaments
Team Scorer generates team scores from individual results
Convert USATT to Canada ratings
2005 Richmond (BC Canada) Open(pdf)
The Perfect Serve updated for the new service rules
4th day schedule
1/20053rd day schedule
2nd day schedule
1st day schedule
Course Outline for GLTTC Class
12/2004Announcing a Beginner Class at the Green Lake TTC 1/16-3/20/05
11/2004Orthodox Technique for Intermediate Level Players
9/2004Consumer Reports recommends Ping Pong
8/2004Olympic TT coverage TV schedule for NBC channels in the USA
7/2004Players vs Improvers: the long-term effects of devotion to table tennis skill improvement
6/ Free tournament software by David Marcus. Great!
5/2004Match cards for Head to Head(one match) or 4-way Round Robin Group (up to six matches). 60 lines per page.
4/2004Sakda and Petri TT Exhibition at Gold's Gym TTC, Renton Saturday May 1, 3pm
3/2004RPB(reverse penhold backhand) notes and links
2/2004Free Handicap Rating System (under development; participants welcomed)
1/2004How to Become a Champion (advice for Fencers; great for Table Tennis)
12/2003German TT News
11/2003The Secrets of Speed Glue
10/2003Jörgen Persson answers 100 questions about table tennis.
8/2003Ping Pong Changes a Life
7/2003Wei Wang, Ping Pong Coach NPR Audio program (needs Real Player).
Andy Roddick playing V grip?
A second school in China teaching the V grip correspondence 030703
Entry forms for Montlake TT Tournament (July 26, 2003)
6/2003 Play my robot
Pictures of Tom's V-grip Paddles
5/2003 Alex Sumeri Goes to China with Yi Yong Fan (15M Word doc)
4/2003 Timo Boll
2003 Seattle Open Entry Form (MS Word format)
3/2003 Rose City Open Entry Form (April 26-27, 2003 Rose, 2 Star Table Tennis Tournament in Portland, OR)
Chung Lau ( FishTT | CN-TT | Sina Pingpang )
2/2003 2003 King Wong Tournament Entry Form
1/2003 V Grip Wrist Control
12/2002 The V grip Matures: A 24-month Status Report
11/2002 Seattle Area TT Coaches
ThinkQuest TT
10/2002 Olympic Teams (not what it sounds like)
9/2002 Perfect Pingpong Ball Pickup Net, <$10
8/2002 In2Spin by Kingston Gee
7/2002 Welcome to The Club
(PLEASE print a copy for your club, keep it with the nets, & ask visitors to read it)
6/2002 Randall Ly
5/2002 2002JuicWashingtonOpenEntryForm.doc
4/2002 2002SeattleOpenEntryForm.doc
3/2002 David Marcus TT resources (Rating histories, tournament software, links, &c)
12/2001 A 1995 article on the V grip in Japanese (evidently for use only in serving)
Backhand control with super power: A new V grip BH attack
Pictures of V grip user Wang Guangyao (U-17 Amateur Jr. Nat'l Champion of China at age 11)
11/2001Backhand control
Dong Myn Yim's Korean V-grip paddle pictures, website, correspondence
V Grip 12-month Status Report (technical notes)
11/2001 Random notes on the new service rule
09/2001 V Grip 10-month Status Report (for doubters)
06/2001 Cambodian TT links: Tournament | Technique pictures | Equipment links | Places To Play (Seattle)
05/2001 Seattle TT Activity Schedule and Locations
04/2001 Chinabat's Pistol Grip paddle (perpendicular to V grip)cached copy
03/2001 V Grip Pictures (right-handed)
V Grip Pictures (actual, left-handed orientation)
02/2001 V Grip 4-month Status Report
V grip Correspondence
01/2001 The Perfect Serve
11/2000 The New V-for-Victory Grip in Table Tennis
10/2000 China Trip Report
Cao Yan Hua TT School
12/1999US Nationals, 1999

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