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Team Scored Round Robin

An enhancement for Table Tennis Leagues

It's simple: Teams are fun!

Many TT clubs run a weekly, drop-in, rating-level-segregated, round-robin format, club tournament.
Team scoring can easily be added to rating-based round robin tournaments, which solves the problems and delivers the benefits of team play.

Most people love to play on a team.

But team play arrangements can be inconvenient and unbalanced:

Here is a way to do it right.

Many TT clubs run a weekly, drop-in, segregated-levels, round-robin format, club tournament.
Change nothing. Simply add Team Scoring.

To get a Team Score, simply add up the rating changes of all the players on the team.
That's all there is to it!
Here is a team score generator which you can use.

Why does it work?

Why it doesn't stink:

Why it's Grrrreat!:

Try it!

This should be very easy, if you are already generating ratings to run your tournaments.


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