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Notes for an interview with KIRO radio

Hi Bill,(The KIRO reporter)

Great to hear from you during my drive earlier. Looking forward to our conversation shortly. My notes for points to cover include the following: I recommend home players come to the club. OMG it's better!

Free coaching when kids come to green lake TTC on Saturdays 5-6:30pm. Bring a friend.

Susan Sarandon is charging $650 a year to for hangout and unlimited pingpong at her manhattan club,

and the president and british prime minister are in the news playing doubles last week.

Table tennis in Seattle is continuously growing. Our club started in 1996, the International District started their program a few years ago, there are now two full-time clubs in Bellevue.

The best player in the history of the United States, Yong Fan, moved here because of the activity in our area. He lives in Bellevue and has a club there where even the highest level players are continuously getting better and winning the nationals at their level.

Coach Judy is a very sweet and motherly but very high-level pingpong coach who also moved from China and runs the Seattle Pacific Table Tennis Club also in Bellevue, she has great kids programs. So we have summer camps at the Seattle Pacific Table Tennis club with Coach Judy. We have a tournament at the Washington Table Tennis Club in July. Green Lake runs the Seattle Championships in October. And the US Nationals in December is a week of pingpong at all levels for people that don't mind visiting Las Vegas.

I myself coach the kids at Green Lake on Saturdays 5-6:30, steady volunteering for years now. You know we need to keep the community center open so bring your $5 and play with us. Sign the kids up for 6 weeks and it's $3*6=$18, coaching is free.

Pingpong is great for kids with attention issues because it is so fascinating to watch that spinning bouncing ball. It's great for girls because it's as much about cooperation as competition. It's great for weight loss because it gradually becomes real exercise that keeps your attention and interest for year after year and you can stay healthy. Dr. Amen says pingpong is the best thing ever for aging brains because it exercises all your faculties. It's great for immigrants to the United States because they know what's going on and they bring the skills and the language barrier is low.

So we have new schools opening with 12 brand new tables, use your local resources, google Seattle table tennis and get out da house and play some. You'll love it and you'll be back. You can even bring your friends.

That's what I'd like to say in 5 or 10 minutes; you can pick out what you like.


[Bill says his piece will go on sometime around Monday June 7.]


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