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GLTTC Skills Class


This course aims to develop beginning and new-to-the-club players to a level at which they will be comfortable playing and competing in local table tennis clubs (which are mostly populated by players with USATT ratings of 1200 and up). Unrated players or players with a rating under 1200 are the target of this class, but higher level players may also join if there is space.

Preliminary Syllabus

Technique elements

We will spend some time demonstrating each skill, then doing a variety of drills to establish and improve each skill.

We will spend only a little time playing matches, while concentrating primarily on skill development through instruction, drills, and supervised practice time. Stroke mechanics as we understand them are discussed here.

Sample Daily Routine

After the basics are in place a sample daily routine might be something like this:

We may have a station for multi-ball and possibly a second station for robot practice, through which players can rotate.


By Thomas Veatch, 12/20/04; 1/5/05