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Consumer Reports recommends Ping Pong

From Consumer Reports, October 2004, page 48:

Brain workouts boost mental prowess

Not long ago, scientists considiered cognitive decline an inevitable result of aging. But growing evidence indicates that rather than sinking passively into foggy old age, you can take steps to help keep your brain sharp. Exercising the mind at any age may stimulate brain grown and help maintain robust mental function throughout life.


... a large clinical trial funded partly by the National Institute on Aging showed the benefits of more-targeted mental training: A 5- to 6-week course in problem solving or speedy information handling yielded improvements that on average would have reverse 7 to 14 years of cognitive decline.


The most important step is to cultivate ongoing, enjoyable mental pursuits... examples:

Play ping-pong, ...

[emphasis added]


Modified: September 11, 2004