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Flames of inspiration often leave smoke signals behind.
From mine, these.

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Sweet Accounting

Accounting has a language incomprehensible to outsiders. What are Dr and Cr? If you can't say what they are and where they go, you are under the accountant's thumb. Accountants also fail to teach the simple underlying rationale for it all. Job security, perhaps, or maybe they don't understand it themselves. Here I explain the whole thing from first principles and understandably. Please read and share, because everyone needs to know some accounting.

Active Listening

How to encourage another person: A step by step breakdown.

Expectable Declines

What I found as I got older

A Theory of Anger

in which the existence of Anger is questioned, and the current standard of care for angry people is critiqued and improved upon. This one is important.

Psychology of Teen Smoking

and how to prevent it

A More General Theory of the Syllogism

Abstracting logic. Aristotle's list of syllogisms missed half of them; there's nothing to them (H!); and we can do better without.

Still it is pretty fun and cool, considering this was the intellectual pinnacle of humanity for 2000 years, and plus I'd say this is not a bad introduction to "term logic", and might be suggested reading for students of computer science, philosophy, classics, and/or math.

Interviewing Liz Hunter

A founder of the Attic, a true constructivist-learning school, which is a miracle.

Auditory User Interfaces

AUI is to GUI as ears are to eyes. In 27 years, little progress. This aspect of the Metaverse was conceived in 1995: a vision of how computers can improve our auditory environments, to benefit not just the blind but everyone with ears. Because the auditory channel carries more than just meaningless or musical background; it can be information-bearing as to place and source and content, so we could, should, enable our software to interact with us intelligently using those informational channels. Why not? Conceptual introduction, design specifications, killer applications, etc.

AUI Proposal

The original proposal and announcement for a new concept: the Auditory User Interface

Barnyard Mommy

An ode to motherhood. Cute, funny, short.

The Ugliness of Beauty

Beauty can also be ugly, an ugly business

The Chemistry Teacher's Son

A placeholder for autobiographical content. Nothing finished here.

Bliss Theory and Thereabouts

How psychology must be that bliss is possible. Read about it here.


Foundations of Future Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science

Bliss Theory: Beauty

Really, the Ugliness of Beauty, because as soon as something seems beautiful, someone is trying to use it for status, money, influence, power.


On the Crease of Logic

Bliss Theory: Cognitivist Biology

Because if you don't understand biological survival and reproduction as processes within logic, then you don't understand biology. Organisms are crushed by the fatal logic of Darwin, and only survive if at some level they are compatible with Darwin's logical constraints. Scientists who study mechanism without understanding purpose, that is, significance for survival and reproduction, miss at least half the true insight in their object of study. Actually biology must be considered partly as cognitive science, that is, as a domain in which logic and the tools of cognitive science prevails, must prevail, must be understood as prevailing, or not be understood.

Bliss Theory: Conceptual Archeology

First, first, first. What turns out to be first, when thinking of a concept, or thinking of conceptualizing.

Darwinian Selection Logic

Because although mutation is random, selection is functionally logical. Combined with the Crease of Logic, This resolves the conflict between the evolution-denying God-As-Designer folks and the evolution-affirming atheist folks. Have a look.

Bliss Theory: Emotion in General

On a mathematical represention of emotion, with decomposed functions including Identification which turns out to have a central role.


A logical decomposition of the Six Stages of Grief using minimal assumptions, but compatible with Bliss Theory.

Human Evolution

Logic constrains biology, biology constrains us, and yet we think and speak and feel. How did we get here, then, and what parts came in what order? This was a lot of fun to write. Includes Tautology, and Cognitive Biology, and Conceptual Archeology.

Bliss Theory: Humility

Liz asked me, what is Humility to you?

Bliss Theory: First Draft

On Inner Surrender and its implications for emotion, performance, well-being, religion, and the high social virtues.

Bliss Theory: Islam

The Pillars of Islam from the perspective of Bliss Theory

Logic from Space

A solution to the Crease of Logic.

Meaningfulness Itself

Meaning as Transactional Transcendence.

Emotional Merger

Emotional change involves the reassessment of circumstances; a process that must come to include new details within the focus of attention, as well as to exclude now-irrelevant aspects of what had previously been focussed. I clarify and define emotional merger and specification as fundamental cognitive/emotional processes in this theoretical essay, which seems to have as great a significance in the cognitive architecture of emotion as humor theory.


Motivation is like a pipe. Think about it backwards


The many things referred to by 'Self', with commentary. Concluding with emotionally disinhibitory goodness.

On Tautology

This essay changes the value of tautology from meaninglessness to dominance and universality. It is the foundation of logic, the ruler of knowledge and, as it turns out, reality. People have no idea how they don't have to believe anything and they can still know everything, by definition or by saying the same thing in different ways.

Tautologus Rex!


Compatible with Bliss, Virtu

Tom's Blog

A blog is a terrible idea, but I have one anyway. Lots of fun short topics here.

Bullets for Dictators

An argument for activism in fighting dictators

Easy Taxes vs the Capital Gains Tax Loophole

Against the wrong and stupid tax cut that you get for not working. Every taxpaying voter should know about this, and get rid of it.

Cartoons of the Prophet (PBUH)

Theory of Humor applied to the Mohammad Cartoons


I had some chickens once, and I always love to share.

Darshan Notes

Unedited notes to self after darshan. First, though, check out the more-edited subset, Notes from (a forehead) on the Ground

A Table of Dictators

A partial listing of murderous dictatorships that the US has (that you and I have) paid for over the years

Tom's Diet and Supplements

Feel free to ignore my example, or to be stimulated to learn from it. But do read and share my 'Message to Black, Brown, and "White" People'. Also the important idea of the Optimum Healthy Allowances for nutrients, not just the RDA which is a limited if not bankrupt idea.

Explaining the Mystery of Election Parity

An essay after the Bush/Gore fiasco in 2000, describing a dystopian vision of a static American polity bound to serve corporate interests in a 2 party duopoly, with seemingly little hope of change.

Comparing this Y2K perspective, so crystalline, with the remarkable 2016 Trump disruption, makes for a curious read. Premonitions here include (1) that it DID require a wealthy candidate to spurn corporate funding and change things around, (2) that a new 3rd party that I then called 'Spin' DID emerge, and (3) that the forces behind the 2 party system DID arise to crush things back into duopoly again.

(Unforeseen comes realignment of the right from Buckley or Reagan conservatism to reality-show populism, powered by internet rage-o-holism, structured by information-siloing and personality-siloing, bound into a cognitive space of parallel, alternative-facts universes of convenience, and poisoned by a rhetoric of trollery.)

N+V Humor Theory

Veatch's 1998 "A Theory of Humor"

Humor Theory: Letter to Joel Warner

Joel wrote a nice article on Humor Theory in Wired magazine; this was some of our correspondence

A Theory of Humor: Introduction

Introducing the N+V Theory of Humor

A Theory of Humor: Puns

Humor based on linguistic ambiguity, within N+V Humor Theory

A Theory of Humor: Satire

Satire: what it is, why it works or fails. Mostly it fails to work. Still it's genius.

A Theory of Humor: Applications

How to understand it when someone else is laughing and you are not, or vice versa. N+V makes this simple. Rescue hurt feelings, come to deeper understanding, change lives and relationships using this simple method.

Summary of N+V Humor Theory

N+V Humor Theory, Briefly.

Veatch at UCLA

A class on humor theory for Santa Ana's course on Humor and Power

Humor Theory Class: discussion of homework

Talking about many ways to do better in understanding a specific case of humor, Jamel's Opening.

Veatch's lecture notes

For a talk on Humor Theory at UCLA, 2020

My 1993 CV

Summarizing Tom's academic career.

Hindutva and Free Will

An alternate view of the free will vs determinism debate


Yes I've written some poems, when inspired. At times I've been told I should be embarrassed, or less embarrassing, or more private. But I haven't been told these actually suck (politeness of friends?), and I find them authentic, even nostalgic, so here you go.

Polyurethane Foam

Study notes on polyurethane foams in support of Siddhasana

Gesture Learning

How to learn effective physical movement.
A research program for reinforcement learning by embodied systems, like people.

Darshan Notes

Notes to self from after darshan.

Notes from a Forehead on the Ground

After a week, a Friday night program, after the chanting, after the meditation, after darshan, comes a contemplation of oneness. A subset of Darshan Notes, selected for accessibility. Click "Choose One For Me Now".

A Square Brown Linoleum Tile

A meditation on the transcendent secret of resolute service.

(Universal) Gravity is BS

An argument for Local, Quantum Gravity. Based on the winding problem in which galaxies remain spiralled or barred rather than a smoothly-blended coffee cup of stars, even after supposedly 20 rotations, I propose that gravitational attraction doesn't actually reach out forever, but only to a limited distance from each point of origin. Not only does this explain the mysterious maintenance of spiral galaxy arm coherence but it also explains the interaction of spiral arms with the galactic bar shape, and explains the process of formation of barred galaxies, and it predicts and explains systematic color variation within spiral galaxy arms (which are like tornadoes, spiralling around their centerlines, and detached gravitationally from the galactic center, according to this theory). Current alternative proposals in terms of dark matter and standing waves are demolished. Perhaps the merged projection of such local gravity quanta creates and constitutes space itself, thereby creating the expansion at and after the Big Bang.

Gun Lessons

Mass murders in our gun-crazy society might suggest we think about it a little, instead of not.

On Hierarchy and Value

Hierarchy and its emotional opposite, Oneness, are explored. How Jordan Peterson agrees with Karl Marx. Why hierarchy is the compassionate, inclusive solution. The geometry of hierarchy. How dominance hierarchy transmutes into admiration hierarchy, creating communities of shared values. Emotion within social hierarchy.

Negative Dimensionality

Abstracting geometry.

Hilbert's axiomatization of geometry, full of redundancy, led me to a generalization which makes geometric dimensionality a characteristic that can be counted up (as in point to line to plane to space, etc.) and down (space to plane to line to point: etc.) Geometries, by intersecting, create lower-dimension geometries; for example two intersecting 2D planes create a 1D line. Geometries, by projecting, create higher-dimension geometries; for example, two 0D points project a 1D line.

But if there is no upper limit, perhaps there is also no lower limit. The idea that a geometry might have negative dimensionality seems absurd, considered within the assumptions of spatial thinking, yet it derives from the same less-redundant axiom set as the geometries we understand. Suggestions for intuition and use of this idea are also given.

House Color Scheme Tester

Something I made to see what color combinations look good together. Act like you know, click the buttons, it'll help you explore your own aesthetic sense.

Bliss Theory (Version 1.0)

First, unpublished, draft of Bliss Theory, written in 2012. Breathtaking. This contains a lot I still haven't taken further in writing, some of the most important parts, so it's up front for now.


Introduction to and its author: motivation, scope, style, audience, history.

Tom's Inventions

15 inventions you might like.


What are inventors, what are they like to be around, why you wouldn't want to.

IS: Information Structure

The IS cloud app generator creates a working single page web app for single-table database-connected tasks including Search, Create, Read, Update, and Delete. Used in examples like Dog and PM, Water Meter Readings, Tx transaction/receipts recorder, and soon HumBeep.

Study notes for Julia

Julia is a nice new computer language. Here's my cram sheet.

Uncle Moose's Map of All Knowledge

A draft outline organization for essays, from 2020. Emacs .org format. Outdated, abandoned.

On the Origin of Life

Where I speculate on how a single extremely lucky event keyed the the origin of life. Not two.

Fourth Ball Surprise

Corkscrew X Underspin = Hidden Sidespin

Back Pain Prevention Exercise

Do this 25x, daily, for a week and you will no longer have back pain. Really.

My GitHub repo, little used.

Hum Beep: the Buy Protocol

A way to use digital money more safely, via a crypto enhancing protocol and system implementing the purchase and sale process.

Rental Co-Housing

Features and Benefits of Community Living

Scranton Veatch LLC

Has two rentals in Northeast PA.

Self-focusing lasers

Soileau, Franck, and Veatch, 1981, On Self-Focusing and Spot-Size Dependence of Laser-Induced Breakdown. pp385-393 of Laser Induced Damage in Optical Materials: 1980, proceedings of a Symposium Sponsored by the National Bureau of Standards in Boulder Colorado.

Not laser-like focus on self as in the later Veatch, but as in actual lasers doing self-focusing, in which the concentrated laser energy is so great that the material it focusses onto heats itself up and the heat changes its optical properties so light beams don't just cross through at that point but they bend back again and again after the focal point. It doesn't just focus to its focus but keeps on staying focussed at a tiny focal point or line, sometimes producing a tiny explosion as a line or as spots or pops or explosions all in a line inside the material. Nice. Both actually and metaphorically. In which I pressed the Fire button many many times, watching for a bright light, and recording the outcome. In which, further, we discovered that lasers don't actually explode things as much as we hoped.

This was Star Wars fundamental research, which if successful would enable lasers to shoot down satellites, or equivalently, to blind them. The fact that we were working on it, I mean our side of the Cold War, that mere fact alone, was itself enough of a threat to the Soviet Union (the results could have been positive; imagine the military consequences to the USSR!) that they were forced to seriously compete in military R&D and expenditure at the cost of their social, educational, and cultural budgets -- the driving reason they lost the Cold War.

So don't say negative outcomes in research are worthless.

Siddhasana, the Perfect Posture seat

Wouldn't it be nice if great posture were easy? And slouching difficult?

Teachionary language trainer

Fast, effective, and free audio-based vocabulary training in 18 languages. Iraqi / Arabic, Canadian French / Quebecois, Cantonese, Czech, English, Farsi / Persian, German, Hebrew, Hindi / Urdu, Japanese, Korean, Malayalam, Pashto, Russian, Spanish, Tamil, Turkish, Uzbek

UCLA talk

Humor Theory talk to a UCLA class on Humor and Power, with Professor Otto Santa Ana.

A (Tamil) literacy project

In which the idea of providing basic literacy to a motivated learner at the cost of pennies for self-study materials. The question is, How to make the letters of a script phonetically understandable to an illiterate person without a teacher. The idea is, to use phonetic illustrations as labels for columns and rows of consonant and vowel charts. People who don't know Tamil guess the correct sounds for each symbol with high accuracy using this method. So it may well work. Next step: experiments in Tamil Nadu.

Tamil Test

Try this guessing game to see if it works for you

(Im)Possible Worlds

Where I rant and rave against "possible worlds" being used where "concieveable worlds" is intended. But "conceiveable" does not mean (actually) "possible"! So wake up, logicians!

Mean Thoughts

Thoughts about the Pythagorean means: the average, the geometric mean, and the hyperbolic mean. This is surprisingly deep for so simple a topic. Understanding at least 2/3 of it is part of your path to wealth and meaningfulness.

On Misunderstandings

Misunderstandings bedevil every relationship. But there is a constructive way to handle them.

Money Game: a modern business model

A strong business model in the internet world is a money game, a sticky social game world where value is created and retained inside it. Here are some characteristics of a money game. Start here, conceptually, to make the next Facebook, which will be a Creative Game World, a long-term network-effect business in the cloud.

Value in our 21st Century

Tom explores fundamentals around money.

Price discovery; Market Equilibrium a false idea; Money being the metric of Value, what is the value of money?; Financial forces: Hydraulic Flow versus Smarts; Can we even bet?; The Turkey, The Butcher, and the Antifragile Investor; The Making of Money; Tech Deflation; Two Arms of Value; Real Value; Epilogue.


A word generator. Using a sophisticated model of English language phonotactics, this service generates 150 brand-new English-like random words, names, passwords, etc., for you, with each page load. Use it for fun, or to make globally unique names, or passwords that are easy to remember but unknown to the rest of the world. MyWord is a reincarnation of a Sprex product and is working again. Try it!

Non Violent Communication

A summary of Marshall Rosenberg's Non-Violent Communication system for effective diplomacy. How to express yourself in any situation. How to say what you want without making enemies. How to have a desired influence.

If you are in a relationship, learn this. That means you.

On Suffering

How we torture ourselves, and how we don't have to.

Dog Name Database

Put your dog's name in here; see everyone's dog's names.

PM: Property Manager

PM is a workflow and communications tool for property management written to serve Scranton Veatch. PM is based on Tom's 'IS' (Information Structure) system for generating cloud web apps.

Original Home Page

My previous home page got both too busy and underexplained, so I've reorganized. But it's here if you like. I still use it to find pingpong schedules and some specific obscurities that seem hard to track down otherwise.

The Oxytocin Vortex

Implications of hormone science for romantic relationships.

Everyone likes oxytocin. But it can mess you up, so know what you're dealing with and be responsible.

Peace of Mind

Something came to me and seemed to resolve my anxiety.

Penis Theory

(A) Little is Revealed.

Community Capitalism

How to organize constituents to achieve shared goals: money-driven but not exactly capitalistic. There are idea specifiers, contributors, agents and engineers and producers of various sorts, and of course recipients. Long before kickstarter, this was an idea for crowd-funded prizes for crowd-implemented goals. Medical research, open source software, public goods of any kind, can be made to work with Community Capitalism.

PFFS Invention Description

Original description of the Paid For Free Software a.k.a. Community Capitalism idea.

Community Capitalismm for medical research

Medical research may be an ideal application for Community Capitalism. Crowdsource prize money, provide minimum yet sufficient management, hire needed specialists, everyone gets paid, the work gets done. Frustrated with Big Pharma and the NIH not studying things that will help us becausee they aren't profitable for Big Pharma or on the NIH short list? Contribute ideas, labor, and money to Community Capitalism! Discussion here.

Play Along[tm]

Play Along is a web app concept for shared drama acting. It lets aspiring actors practice, family members and friends enjoy each other in a sophisticated old/new medium. It helps non-readers to learn to read and to practice reading in an unostentatious and supportive medium of shared pleasure. Give me some feedback and encouragement, please.

Some Plenties

There are plenty of things of which there are more than plenty of those things.


On the growth -- and decline -- of species like pine trees, or humans.

An essay toward a parametric model of species success and failure. A clear thought experiment showing how it proceeds, what factors influence it, and how to aim for a soft landing as resource limitations start to squeeze. Relevant to us? I think so.

Postural Anesthesia

My posture trick, which is anesthetic against post-surgical pain. Learn it, try it. An old man once told me, I'm going to use that on my death bed.

Pratyabhijna Hrdayam

Recognition of the Heart.
20 verses explaining what you have forgotten, what you are, and how to remember.

Benefax (Progress)

Introducing the Benefax Flows Model, which generalizes economics from transactions to flows and from unidimensional, monetary valuation to many dimensions of value, and which focusses decision-making on downstream ripple effects. Much better!


for construction management

Green Plumbing: DWHE

The Drain Water Heat Exchanger

Green Plumbing: Geothermal

Notes on design and installation of geothermal heat pumps

Green Plumbing

Stuff I learned about during my plumbing apprenticeship

No Smoking

A rant on smoking for a prospective smoking housemate who said Oh no, I won't smoke in the house

Residential Solar Technologies

Stuff I learned during my plumbing apprenticeship

Thermosiphons in solar water heaters

An idea how to reduce some energy costs within a solar water heating system

Plumbing and Solar: Heat Pipes

One of the coolest ideas ever is the Heat Pipe

Solar How To

Notes for a solar hot water system designer

A presentation on Solar

given to a UW class CM410.

Solar Water Heating Design


Solar Water Heating


Study Notes: Grant Cardone

Encouragement from a real estate tycoon

Real Time Scrolling Spectrograph

Watching a time-frequency analysis unroll on the screen as you speak, whistle, or sing, is perhaps the coolest thing in all of speech science. I used one of these in grad school, so I wrote one when I had the chance. So amazing, so much fun! Speak slowly. Whistle! Do a scale. Say "why" slowly and watch your vowels evolve. Compare "you" and "yow". Compare high and low pitch. Go play!

Staking Government

How to snake out the blocked pipes of government.

Study Notes: Haskell

Aaron Vargo thought I should learn functional programming with Haskell. So I went as far as this cram sheet. Perhaps it'll help others as a brief summary. More likely, it'll sow confusion and doubt. Aaron first thought to say 'It could be more wrong', but later corrected himself to say, 'It couldn't be more wrong.' I await more specific corrections.

Neural Networks + Fuzzy Logic + Space

A careful, accessible introduction to neural networks assuming only high school algebra and a little geometry and differentiation. NNs are defined mathematically, along with how to run them, how to train them (by the usual gradient descent), how to train them better (so I suppose: using 'Newton-Raphson', which really ought to kill!). I also discuss how to understand the training algorithm's implicit reasoning about the adjustments it decides to make; I share an interpretation that backpropagation is like an Anti-Dunning-Kruger learning system (and therefore morally superior to most men?). Then I give a whole Fuzzy Logic re-interpretation of NNs, along with suggestions on how to enhance their logical reasoning capabilities. I tried the wikipedia page, and got so frustrated I wrote my own introduction. So yes, I suggest reading this if you want to really understand neural networks, and if your other resources have made it seem inscrutable. It's a few pages of actual math, yes, but all the steps are laid out: no leaps! It's not short, but you don't have to be a math major to follow along. I encourage your study here if you are interested in really knowing how neural nets work.

Also this adds Fuzzy Logic to neural networks, including how to train them. Finally this goes into Space Representing Neural Networks so robots can represent space, or humans' representation of space can be understood better. Three months of work is in here.

PDF: Portable Document Format

A very partial cram sheet created while learning about how the PDF file format works. Just enough to give you a vague idea, not enough to program anything.

Study Notes: Ruby

Ruby is a popular language on the web. Here is my cram sheet.

Taj Mahal Magic

The magical-perception inducing optical illusions of the Taj Mahal.

Tea Lady

Science can be fun and easy!

Tea Lady is a web app for testing if an assertion holds up statistically. Great, easy, accessible, quick, observational experiments by anybody, anywhere.

Tea Lady applies Fisher's Exact Test repeatedly as you do live data collection.

A predicate, for some category X, and some property Y, is the statement that X's are Y. That could include anything. The truth of it, though, can be empirically tested with the Tea Lady on-line tool. You watch and classify: Observe the X's and Not-X's that occur or come by, and record whether they are Y's or not Y's. Tea Lady keeps count and gives you a P-value or significance measure.

Temperament, Conflict, and Love

... because everyone has them ...

A Myers-Briggs/Jung influenced view of character and temperament and its lessons for us about people we could hate, people we do love, and our own selves. With a critique of the Big 5 temperament model.

Please read the part about how to select a romantic partner.

Translation Graphs

A project for representing media and documents along with their translations.

Six Saudis Visit America

... and the mess they left behind ...


If you don't know who the turkey is, it's you. A new kind of speech act, trolling, is seen to have a rich and peculiar structure, analysed here using five imputed participants including as follows: true speaker (the troll), acting speaker, true audience, straight audience, and shocked/reactive (trolled) audience. This collaboration elaborates the intentions and moral views of each, and the social consequences.

Table Tennis

I love ping pong. Connections, writings, schedules, coaches, ... lots here

Anti Software

Where Tom goes of on a rant against using software to run a pingpong tournament.

TT: Beginner Technique

A syllabus for beginners in table tennis

TT: Bounce with the Ball

A choreography for successful table tennis footwork.

TT: China Trip Report

Tom visits an elementary school in China, as a student, to learn some pingpong.

TT: Devotion

What is the nature and significance of devotion in table tennis? What is it, and how does it show up in players' ratings over time. This small empirical study shows how mind actually overcomes reality.

TT: Mind Game

The Mental Game of Table Tennis. Coaching notes for the psychological side.

TT: Seattle

Places, Directions, Schedules for playing pingpong in the greater Seattle area.

TT: Service

How to optimize serve in pingpong.

TT: Teams

A proposal for organizing team play in the individual sport of table tennis. Teams are so much fun!

Big Ideas: Oceanic freshwater storage

How to solve the world's water crises? Capture river outflows seasonally. Store these flows in submarine storage tanks designed with capacity proportionate to need.

Veatch 1991, English Vowels

A U Penn dissertation in Linguistics comprising acoustic physics, articulatory phonetics, surface phonology, dialectology, and historical linguistics, all regarding that most-understood niche in knowledge of that most-interesting species, us.

Some Water Waves

...A partial typology of water waves...

Water waves come in a small set of types, listed here. Discover the anti-causal wave, the Soliton, the horizontal sheet flow, and other curiosities. Then, try to explain them.

Wing In Ground-effect Boat Design

Here is an accumulation of design criteria and ideas from others, and my own. A boat could float in the air, with the right wings, speed, controls. Not a miracle, but a miraculous engineerable possibility, perhaps.

Cool wobbly shapes

Generated in OpenSCAD, this is a sequence of videos created on the path from scratch to complex standing waves on a sphere, inspired by the pine cone.

The Worry Goddess

Taking something to an extreme, might be soothing.

How to type Zoë

Because dieresis is standard, but non-standard

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