Peace of Mind

I once had a revelation that seemed to resolve my anxiety and wrote it down in this letter to myself, so I could maybe remember my way back again. Maybe it'll help someone else, too, maybe you.

Dear Tom,

Be at peace.  

Your job is not to find the right thing to do that will bring you
peace or satisfaction, but to be at peace now, later, always, while
doing whatever comes to you, is yours, to do.  The secret is, peace

If there is an actual worry about something, then of course, do your
duty with full commitment and energy and it is important not to hide
these from yourself.  Otherwise enjoy your peace and do not worry.

Anything that isn't obviously bad is probably just fine, nothing to
worry about.  You can proceed with your daytime energy to do your
day's work, using the resources that you have and that come to you to
do the work that comes, without emotional angst - a burden that you
can let go.  

The activity and burden of anxiety are far less important than your
peace of mind and peace of heart.  (From the low perspective on this
as a battle, hold tight to peace, and fight your enemy, that
self-defeating angst, as a pathetic and low waste of your goodness.)
Take up your self confidence. Remember, Love conquers all.  Deciding
that peace matters most in your heart will help you to understand.
All is one.

Your former worries will be forgotten memories; the choices you
worried about solve themselves through the energy of duty within your
own capacity.  You can rely on the comfortable playing out of stimulus
and honest response, the selection of free choices, by ruling out the
clear mistakes and, if you have it, by going with your inspiration.

Life can be good.  So be at peace as you live your life and remember
this when you need it.


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