Here are a few of my inventions and projects.  Do you want to work
with me on one?  Contact me, let's talk about it.

Siddhasana, the perfect-posture chair.

Translation Graphs. Language technology to support language learning
while consuming any media.

Community Capitalism. A system to create and pay for public goods. The
system provider gets a piece of the action.

Rental Co-Housing.  High-profit, high-quality-of-life residential real
estate development projects for community living.  Special lease terms
to try it yourself.  Syndications to join mine.

Veatch's table tennis grip, between shakehand and penhold, combining
the benefits of both in something better.  And several advances in
technique and mechanical results enabled by this grip.

Table Tennis (Rubber) Life Preserver, a specialty product for a global sport.

Computational humor analysis, for assessment and generation.

A residential plumbing valve of widespread utility.

A random generator of beautiful, memorable passwords, words, names.

Ekranoplan designs.

Auditory User Interfaces.  Hear and interact in 3D even if you are blind.

Axiomatic reconception of multi-dimensionality in math.

An effective, self-study, literacy-on-a-page instrument.

A turmeric based sweet.

Phone Sex. A safe analog.