US-sponsored Murderous Dictatorships:
A List

The greatest crime ever perpetrated in the name of America is the US government's long-established practice of installing and supporting so many murderous dictatorships, primarily after the end of colonialism and during the Cold War with the all-justifying excuse of anti-communism.

How many murderous dictatorships has the US installed or supported?

Let's count.

ChileGen. Augusto Pinochet1973-19903000 murdered. 400,000 tortured.
ArgentinaGen. Jorge Rafael Videla1976-198130,000 murdered. more
IndonesiaSuharto1965 coup against left-leaning Sukarno,
1975 support of East Timor genocide
500,000 dead after 1965 coup; 100,000-230,000 dead in East Timor; more, more, more.
GuatemalaArmas, Fuentes, Montt1954- 200,000 killed or missing (wikipedia)
IranThe Shah of Iran1954-1979e.g., 25000-50000 political prisoners in 1975 alone (Amnesty Int'l)
(Ayatollah Khomeini was on the CIA payroll in the 1970s in Paris.)
EgyptSadat, Mubarak1978-today
IraqSaddam Hussein
NicaraguaAnastasio Somoza & sons1937-1979
ParaguayStroessner. US supported throughout ( says US has supported Paraguayan development since 1942) ($142M between 1962 and 1975)1954-1989
BoliviaCol. Hugo Banzer overthrew elected leftist president Juan Jose Torres1970-
AngolaJonas Savimbi/UNITA (didn't actually win his revolution, but killed or displaced millions)1975-1989
Saudi ArabiaSaud family
Kuwaita monarchy
PanamaNoriega was US-supported for years
HaitiPapa Doc, Baby Doc
Dominican RepublicTrujillo, a military dictator for 32 years with US support for most of that time; Belaguer, Trujillo's protege, installed after US Marines intervened to put down an attempt to restore the democratically elected government of Juan Bosch1930-61, 1965-78
El Salvador1980s
Nepalmonarchysince 1948
CubaFulgencio Batistapre-Castro
BrazilGen. Branco overthrew elected president Goulart with US support 1965-67
UzbekistanKamirov "The Boiler", $150M from the Bush administration for an air base.1965-67

There are some gaps of information there. If you know any details that could help fill the gaps, let me know, it would be much appreciated.

So I count 25. Rough numbers, let's not be picky.

I barely have 25 people in my pingpong club, we're talking 25 countries.
Now that's a bleeping crime.

So who's responsible? I am an American: I am responsible.

So what am I going to do about it? I'm going to be an American, and express myself, with attitude, about what I do and don't like in this world, and tell everyone what I think has got to be done. So keep on reading.

And you? Be an American too: make up your own mind, persuade yourself, and try to persuade the rest of them. Talk leads to action, so talk!


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