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Flames of inspiration often leave smoke signals behind.
From mine, these.

My Main Subjects

I was once told: "Study what interests you."
Same to you, friend: Pick a subject, any subject, below.

Or name one, here:   

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The most interesting subject, for humans, is humans.


The human emotional system is only slightly irrational.

Logic, Math, Physics, Biology

Surprises in the so-called Hard Sciences.

Money Etc.

Thoughts of a 'capitalist roader':
Money, Taxes, Accounting, Value, Economics, 'Benefax'

Photos, Video

Me at different ages; some youtube links. I'm excited to share the video of my recent UCLA talk on Humor Theory, here.


Some of these creations provide a service. You can: Learn some bits of a bunch of languages. Prove assertions statistically. Find colors that match. Watch audio as a scrolling spectrogram. Evaluate real estate opportunities. Generate random English-like words. Pingpong.


Projects are things with a concrete endpoint: A working program, technology, device, social system. Pingpong is a project too. Basic self-study literacy.


Ugh, a Blog. Yes, after all.


Travels and travelers. To China, India, Las Vegas. From Saudi Arabia.

Language & Linguistics

A linguist has lots to say about language, so here it's about the part of language that humans know the most about, namely the English vowel system, but also here's the funnest tool of linguistics grad school, the real time spectrograph. And a language teaching web app with 18 languages. Plus I share a lot of theory about how language and human intelligence came about evolutionarily. Also here are some political blog points that a linguist can help society with, having to do with pronouns and IEDs and how it is that Black Lives might Matter. Finally, translation supporting software systems in development, and some Sanskrit-related language resources.

Theology & Religion

Theology is a curious subject. Is it a subject at all? Is there anything there? As a psychologist who seeks to capture the valid insights of previous thinkers, I think psychology has swallowed the valid domain of theology whole. Yet many, perhaps most of those previous thinkers might be seen as theologians more than as psychologists, and students seeking insight might come from the theology angle rather than the psychological. For them, I offer these pointers into my work which capture aspects of what has been considered theological. I do not condescend: these are the high virtues, the transcendence and aim of human life, and I wish people aimed for them more rather than less, considering how miserable most of us are, and how much relief and redemption are available and compatible with even a fully materialistic psychological theory.

About Tom

Personal stuff. I tend to not tell stories and pretend to speak objectively as though removed from the picture, like God on high completely absent. But when there is something that is about me personally, then that goes here.

All Subjects

All the classifications of these essays that I could think of, many overlapping.

New Stuff

Recently written or modified, since Covid.

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Original Home Page

My previous home page got both too busy and underexplained, so I've reorganized. But it's here if you like. I still use it to find pingpong schedules and some specific obscurities that seem hard to track down otherwise.

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