Tom Veatch

Flames of inspiration often leave smoke signals behind.
From mine, these.


House Color Scheme Tester

Something I made to see what color combinations look good together. Act like you know, click the buttons, it'll help you explore your own aesthetic sense.


Random generator of passwords, words, and names. Use it, enjoy it.

Siddhasana, the Perfect Posture seat

Wouldn't it be nice if great posture were easy? And slouching difficult?

Real Estate

Essays on why real estate. A purchase evaluation service. Properties. Documents. Calling BS on the investment industry. Arguing for indexing applied to stocks vs real estate. Describing a valid investment model.

Real Estate Purchase Evaluator

Login, fill in some inputs, the program automatically runs the numbers for you, generating a report, projected cashflows and income/expense details, and all the evaluation metrics and ratios you'd like. I use this all the time when I want to decide whether to buy a rental property. Because the numbers need to work.

1210 Haus

A 6 bedroom group house for rental co-housing.

Spot Plumbing

Spot Plumbing closed in 2017

Plumber's Cooperative

Shut down in 2017.

Addition Tutor

Learn your sums

Multiplication Tutor

Learn your times table

Tom's Inventions

15 inventions you might like.

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