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Flames of inspiration often leave smoke signals behind.
From mine, these.

Language & Linguistics

Veatch 1991, English Vowels

A U Penn dissertation in Linguistics comprising acoustic physics, articulatory phonetics, surface phonology, dialectology, and historical linguistics all regarding that most understood niche in knowledge of that most interesting species, us

Translation Graphs

A project for representing media and documents along with their translations.

On Human Evolution

Tautology -> Evolution -> Language
Also, methodology, whereby evolutionary changes may be ordered.
Also, a conceptual archeology, from language back to the Big Bang, and beyond.
Also, notes on the evolution of language.

Real Time Scrolling Spectrograph

Watching a time-frequency analysis unroll on the screen as you speak, whistle, or sing, is perhaps the coolest thing in all of speech science. I used one of these in grad school, so I wrote one when I had the chance. So amazing, so much fun! Speak slowly. Whistle! Do a scale. Say "why" slowly and watch your vowels evolve. Compare "you" and "yow". Compare high and low pitch. Go play!


It's not PC but cursing is a sign of intimacy with the listener.

Watch your pronouns

Grumpy Tom says Mind your We's and They's

The Linguistic Pragmatics of "Black Lives Matter"

A little linguistics goes a long way, getting us all on the same page.

Sanskrit and Yoga Philosophy

Resources in Sanskrit and Yoga Philosophy

Trolling: The logic and evolution of a new speech act

An analysis using five imputed participants, true speaker (the troll), acting speaker, true audience, straight audience, and shocked/reactive (trolled) audience, elaborating the intentions and moral views of each, and the social consequences. If you don't know who the turkey is, it's you.

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