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Flames of inspiration often leave smoke signals behind.
From mine, these.


Tom's Blog

A blog is a terrible idea, but I have one anyway. Lots of fun short topics here.


On the South Asian gesture pair



Love by Men

An Elephant in the Room

A reason for AI


Taj Mahal Magic

The magical-perception inducing optical illusions of the Taj Mahal.

Politics and Emotional Regulation

Because people would kill or die for their self-concept.

CPAP Head Slap

a testimonial


logical decomposition of the stages of grief


Benefax Flows Model: a generalization of Economics

Mean Thoughts

The Pythagorean meas: Arithmetic, Geometric, and Harmonic, and when to use them.


The logic and evolution of a new class of speech acts

Art vs Life

Paul Klee; Bad Art; and Wholeness

Nepal notes

on Identity and Motivation

International Two's Day

The significance and aesthetics of that other number: 2

Trump Wun?

Scratching my chin

Worthless Bitcoin?

0 ≤ BTC but USD < BTC

Do better, Snopes

Self-serving hack work is not what I hoped to find.

It's Over, or, Zombie Russian Roulette

A funny/sick model of Covid ending, and ending sooner than expected

Covid and Other Costs and Benefits

Because there are costs, including lives lost not from Covid but from the shutdown

F your Feelings?

Even those who reject (their own, and your) feelings have feelings

On Hair

The original falsification

Mask Message: You're Welcome!

It's not about self-protection, it's about protecting others.

"IED" vs "Mine"

"IED" is racist, xenophobic, stupid, and wrong -- or am I wrong?

The Linguistic Pragmatics of "Black Lives Matter"

A little linguistics goes a long way, getting us all on the same page.

House Color Scheme Tester

Play with colors and combinations to find what you like

Watch your pronouns

Grumpy Tom says Mind your We's and They's

Scrolling spectrograph announcement

This is the funnest thing in phonetics. Watch real time sound analysis scroll across the screen.


How should this site organize itself for you?

Gravity is BS

Announcing Quantum Local Gravity

Sweet Accounting

Korean double entry 500 years before the West; Wikipedia still hasn't explained Dr and Cr properly.

Gravity is BS

Addenda announcement: Objections confounded

The Iron Rule

Asking where you would use the Iron Rule


A cynical, extreme, wrong view of Covid.


It's not PC but cursing is a sign of intimacy with the listener.

Fat or Fit?

When Snuggly beats Anorexic

How are we doing?

From Roman democracy, we have come a long way.

EQ-test the police!

Cop = Social worker plus gun, not soldier plus rules of engagement. The character you hire for will be the character of your cop community. So let's stop hiring emotional retards.

Gut cassette.

An invention to study the microbiome.


An argument against all identities, not just in politics.

Starting a web log, 20 years late.

Every day is the same day, today. So why would anyone care what you said relative to just one of them? Yet, sclerotic with self-importance, we do.

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