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Flames of inspiration often leave smoke signals behind.
From mine, these.

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Introduction to and its author: motivation, scope, style, audience, history.

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My door is open. Here are the doors.

The Chemistry Teacher's Son

A placeholder for autobiographical content. Nothing finished here.

Tom's Diet and Supplements

Feel free to ignore my example, or to be stimulated to learn from it. But do read and share my 'Message to Black, Brown, and "White" People'. Also the important idea of the Optimum Healthy Allowances for nutrients, not just the RDA which is a limited if not bankrupt idea.

Notes from a Forehead on the Ground

After a week, a Friday night program, after the chanting, after the meditation, after darshan, comes a contemplation of oneness. A subset of Darshan Notes, selected for accessibility. Click "Choose One For Me Now".

Expectable Declines

What I found as I got older

On turning 42

A long diary entry, on my 42nd birthday

Cathy Veatch Memories

Mom's memorial website

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