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From mine, these.



Read IPA First. Let the International Phonetic Alphabet bring basic phonetic literacy to individuals and whole languages.

Self-study method and material, offering a access to basic literacy on one sheet of paper.

Given pictures instead of Latinate vocabulary as labels for columns and rows, even illiterate learners can identify the sound for each symbol, thus overcoming the one insurmountable obstacle in acquiring literacy.

Tea Lady

Science can be fun and easy!

Tea Lady is a web app for testing if an assertion holds up statistically. Great, easy, accessible, quick, observational experiments by anybody, anywhere.

Tea Lady applies Fisher's Exact Test repeatedly as you do live data collection.

A predicate, for some category X, and some property Y, is the statement that X's are Y. That could include anything. The truth of it, though, can be empirically tested with the Tea Lady on-line tool. You watch and classify: Observe the X's and Not-X's that occur or come by, and record whether they are Y's or not Y's. Tea Lady keeps count and gives you a P-value or significance measure.

Real Time Scrolling Spectrograph

Watching a time-frequency analysis unroll on the screen as you speak, whistle, or sing, is perhaps the coolest thing in all of speech science. I used one of these in grad school, so I wrote one when I had the chance. So amazing, so much fun! Speak slowly. Whistle! Do a scale. Say "why" slowly and watch your vowels evolve. Compare "you" and "yow". Compare high and low pitch. Go play!

Teachionary language trainer

Fast, effective, and free audio-based vocabulary training in 18 languages. Iraqi / Arabic, Canadian French / Quebecois, Cantonese, Czech, English, Farsi / Persian, German, Hebrew, Hindi / Urdu, Japanese, Korean, Malayalam, Pashto, Russian, Spanish, Tamil, Turkish, Uzbek

Table Tennis

I love ping pong. Connections, writings, schedules, coaches, ... lots here

Translation Graphs

A project for representing media and documents along with their translations.

Version 1.0 as of 5/29/2024: super-easy multilinear text display tables. Download code, how-to & examples.

Wing In Ground-effect Boat Design

Here is an accumulation of design criteria and ideas from others, and my own. A boat could float in the air, with the right wings, speed, controls. Not a miracle, but a miraculous engineerable possibility, perhaps.

Hum Beep: the Buy Protocol

A way to use digital money more safely, via a crypto enhancing protocol and system implementing the purchase and sale process.

IS: Information Structure

The IS cloud app generator creates a working single page web app for single-table database-connected tasks including Search, Create, Read, Update, and Delete. Used in examples like Dog and PM, Water Meter Readings, Tx transaction/receipts recorder, and soon HumBeep.

Community Capitalism

How to organize constituents to achieve shared goals: money-driven but not exactly capitalistic. There are idea specifiers, contributors, agents and engineers and producers of various sorts, and of course recipients. Long before kickstarter, this was an idea for crowd-funded prizes for crowd-implemented goals. Medical research, open source software, public goods of any kind, can be made to work with Community Capitalism.

Literacy Project

A novel way to give literacy to a motivated learner on a sheet of paper. Self-study method and material.

On a trip to Tamil Nadu I once discovered Tamil has no distinctive voicing. It means a simple 2D table can capture all the consonants in Tamil. With pictures instead of labels on the columns and rows, illiterate learners can identify the sound for each symbol, thus overcoming the one insurmountable obstacle in acquiring literacy.

Dog Name Database

Put your dog's name in here; see everyone's dog's names.

Auditory User Interfaces

AUI is to GUI as ears are to eyes. In 27 years, little progress. This aspect of the Metaverse was conceived in 1995: a vision of how computers can improve our auditory environments, to benefit not just the blind but everyone with ears. Because the auditory channel carries more than just meaningless or musical background; it can be information-bearing as to place and source and content, so we could, should, enable our software to interact with us intelligently using those informational channels. Why not? Conceptual introduction, design specifications, killer applications, etc.


Software related stuff.

Look, from the cognitive science perspective, even human cognition is software related stuff: logic, symbolic logic, mathematical grammars of various kinds, etc. I'm a cognitive science and software guy so this list is long and wonderful. There's actually ton more code; just ask, like mdo, from past lives on academic and Sprex unix machines.

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