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Flames of inspiration often leave smoke signals behind.
From mine, these.


On Human Evolution

Tautology -> Evolution -> Language
Also, methodology, whereby evolutionary changes may be ordered.
Also, a conceptual archeology, from language back to the Big Bang, and beyond.
Also, notes on the evolution of language.

Foundations of Future AI

Towards a New Cognitive Science

Temperament, Conflict, and Love

... because everyone has them ...

A Myers-Briggs/Jung influenced view of character and temperament and its lessons for us about people we could hate, people we do love, and our own selves. With a critique of the Big 5 temperament model.

Please read the part about how to select a romantic partner.

A Critique of the Big5 temperament model

Garbage in, garbage out. Big5 is not about how people are, it's about how people can be used.


What are inventors, what are they like to be around, why you wouldn't want to.

On Hierarchy and Value

Hierarchy and its emotional opposite, Oneness, are explored. How Jordan Peterson agrees with Karl Marx. Why hierarchy is the compassionate, inclusive solution. The geometry of hierarchy. How dominance hierarchy transmutes into admiration hierarchy, creating communities of shared values. All this is prelude to an analysis of emotion within social hierarchy.

The Ugliness of Beauty

Beauty can also be ugly, an ugly business

Non Violent Communication

A summary of Marshall Rosenberg's Non-Violent Communication system for effective diplomacy. How to express yourself in any situation. How to say what you want without making enemies. How to have a desired influence.

If you are in a relationship, learn this. That means you.

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