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Flames of inspiration often leave smoke signals behind.
From mine, these.

Theology & Religion

On Humility

Just a page.

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An abstract submitted to the 2023 Conference on Mathematical Psychology

Bliss Theory (Version 1.0)

First, unpublished, draft of Bliss Theory, written in 2012. Breathtaking. This contains a lot I still haven't taken further in writing, some of the most important parts, so it's up front for now.

A Square Brown Linoleum Tile

A meditation on the transcendent secret of resolute service.

Notes from a Forehead on the Ground

After a week, a Friday night program, after the chanting, after the meditation, after darshan, comes a contemplation of oneness. A subset of Darshan Notes, selected for accessibility. Click "Choose One For Me Now".

Pratyabhijna Hrdayam

Recognition of the Heart.
20 verses explaining what you have forgotten, what you are, and how to remember.

Bliss Theory: Islam

The Pillars of Islam from the perspective of Bliss Theory

Emotional Merger

Emotional change involves the reassessment of circumstances; a process that must come to include new details within the focus of attention, as well as to exclude now-irrelevant aspects of what had previously been focussed. I clarify and define emotional merger and specification as fundamental cognitive/emotional processes in this theoretical essay, which seems to have as great a significance in the cognitive architecture of emotion as humor theory.

Darwinian Selection Logic

Because although mutation is random, selection is functionally logical. Combined with the Crease of Logic, This resolves the conflict between the evolution-denying God-As-Designer folks and the evolution-affirming atheist folks. Have a look.


The many things referred to by 'Self', with commentary. Concluding with emotionally disinhibitory goodness.

Philosophical Introspections

In defense of introspection.

The Worry Goddess

Taking something to an extreme, might be soothing.

Bliss Theory: Beauty

Really, the Ugliness of Beauty, because as soon as something seems beautiful, someone is trying to use it for status, money, influence, power.

Meaningfulness Itself

Meaning as Transactional Transcendence.

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