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Guru Gita Studies

The Guru Gita is an example of a non-English text which some native English speakers, especially students of a certain yoga tradition, would be interested in learning to understand in its original (Sanskrit) form. They would be learning a variety of elements of a new language, from vocabulary to syntax to pronunciation.

I wrote a small and partial dictionary to help understand Guru Gita verses.

Also here is an aid to memorization of this text (access limited to students of a certain tradition. Username "Student", Password your guru's name).

I hope later to provide a daily Guru Gita verse with Sanskrit learning resources including devanagari, both original and with morphemes separated, also romanizations of both those two, then translations by word, phrase, and verse, and finally commentary, one verse at a time, representing a daily study sequence for six months, or every-other-day sequence for a year.

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