SGNMKJ: Sadgurunath maharaj ki jai

Translation of

Sadgurunath maharaj ki jai

Word by word:
sat[1] true
guru guru, teacher, saviour
nath lord
maha great
raj king
ki possessive postposition, like ['s]
jai victory
Footnote [1] In Sanskrit, /t/ becomes /d/ before a voiced stop consonant (/b,d,g/). Thus sat + guru becomes sadguru.

Literal sentence translation:

victory to the true guru, lord and great ruler.

Free Sentence Translation:

Hurray for our great and true guru


x ki jai is a common crowd expression in india where the generally political support of x is expressed by the group shouting it aloud together, typically led in call/response fashion by someone with a loudspeaker. congress party ki jai, for example, led by a head cheerleader, expresses the crowd's support for the Congress Party at a party rally, of the group.

'pakistan zindabad' [long life to pakistan] is used similarly, as "hindustan ki jai", [victory to the country of the hindus], in raising crowd enthusiasm for the mission of the gathering.

In Siddha Yoga, SGNMKJ is used as an opening and/or closing ritual group utterance, signifying the enclosed period of time as a special or sacred event. The careful opening of hands, then bringing them together before the heart in the 'namaste' pose, as prelude to SGNMKJ, makes participation much more visible, since a mouth need not move much to speak, while hands before the heart are much more prominently visible to all as a symbol of group participation.

Potential negative implications of such group behavior should be understood and carefully avoided.


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