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Flames of inspiration often leave smoke signals behind.
From mine, these.


Bliss Theory: Cognitivist Biology

Because if you don't understand biological survival and reproduction as processes within logic, then you don't understand biology. Organisms are crushed by the fatal logic of Darwin, and only survive if at some level they are compatible with Darwin's logical constraints. Scientists who study mechanism without understanding purpose, that is, significance for survival and reproduction, miss at least half the true insight in their object of study. Actually biology must be considered partly as cognitive science, that is, as a domain in which logic and the tools of cognitive science prevails, must prevail, must be understood as prevailing, or not be understood.

Darwinian Selection Logic

Because although mutation is random, selection is functionally logical. Combined with the Crease of Logic, This resolves the conflict between the evolution-denying God-As-Designer folks and the evolution-affirming atheist folks. Have a look.


On the growth -- and decline -- of species like pine trees, or humans.

An essay toward a parametric model of species success and failure. A clear thought experiment showing how it proceeds, what factors influence it, and how to aim for a soft landing as resource limitations start to squeeze. Relevant to us? I think so.

On the Origin of Life

Where I speculate on how a single extremely lucky event keyed the the origin of life. Not two.

Tom's Diet and Supplements

Feel free to ignore my example, or to be stimulated to learn from it. But do read and share my 'Message to Black, Brown, and "White" People'. Also the important idea of the Optimum Healthy Allowances for nutrients, not just the RDA which is a limited if not bankrupt idea.

Penis Theory

(A) Little is Revealed.

Human Evolution

Logic constrains biology, biology constrains us, and yet we think and speak and feel. How did we get here, then, and what parts came in what order? This was a lot of fun to write. Includes Tautology, and Cognitive Biology, and Conceptual Archeology.

Bliss Theory: Conceptual Archeology

First, first, first. What turns out to be first, when thinking of a concept, or thinking of conceptualizing.

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