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1210 Haus

at 1210 NE 124th St., Seattle WA 98125


After 5 years without a vacancy, the Americorps group that has been living at "1210 Haus" has moved out, and now it's time to open the doors to welcome a new generation of residents in this lovely, convenient, cozy, affordable, sweet home.

Looking for a house full, perhaps six adults, or a large-ish family, maybe two couples: best if you like each other! Might not best for a single individual, but I guess that's your choice!

Possible Groups: If you do have an interest in living with friends and people who share your values and aspirations, I hope you will consider reaching out to your networks and putting together a group of like-minded people to join with you and live together!

1210 provides a cooperative and flexible situation for a group of responsible, community-oriented residents.

We *hope* you will each come, intending to stay for 8 to 48 months, but individuals within my group lease can move out any time, so long as they do it in good order with a signed, accepted replacement to take their place. The lease extends annually without changes but for a new end-of-year date and rent adjustment. Group members also join a tenant constitution to govern themselves, generally by consensus but with enough teeth to avoid having to actually disband in case someone really won't cooperate.

If you're not a group, that's fine, if you can afford the rent. 1210 works for anyone.

No smoking is the house rule. Tidiness is valued. Shared meals are encouraged. Life together is better. You make the dinner, I'll bring the wine, we'll play poker afterwards.

No pets, no guns, please.

Craigslist ads (with photos) here.

2007 photos

What could be better? It's an affordable, sociable, good life in Seattle, close to multiple bus lines, with short walking distances to Safeway, a kid's park, several restaurants, and also walking distance to Lake City and Northgate.

If you are interested, please let me know right away that you are in the running, because it may take some time for you to have the discussions amongst yourselves that will solidify your group, before you quite want to pull the trigger. Also I may get inquiries from individuals who want to join a group, so let me know if you want referrals like that.

Rent: The house rent is $3700 which divides by 6 to a bit over $600 per person, plus shared utilities and heat.

Parking: The perpendicular street parking here allows 6 cars to park in front and two more in the driveway and carport. It's great.

Shared Spaces and Resources: The house has two full bathrooms, two living rooms with Lopi fireplaces and south-facing windows, one comfortable 1980's kitchen with lots of cabinet space and two fridges. The downstairs bathroom has a jetted tub; there is also a washer and dryer, no coins needed. The upstairs shower drains through a heat exchanger to preheat the water heater inflows, which saves a chunk on the electric bill if you will shower upstairs. Outside there are raised gardening beds in front for your vegetables (time to plant soon!).

Back and Side Yards: The party-capable side yard and grassy back yard are their own outdoor living spaces, and a fire pit is nice for marshmallows in the summer. A finished outbuilding in the back yard, with heat, light, and power, can be used as office, meditation room, or as a guest bedroom for a short-term visitor.

Please Contact: Tom Veatch (Landlord) by text at 206-858-2633 or email at t, c, veatch at g mail dot com.

Thank you!

  • Per RCW 59.18.257 this landlord will accept a comprehensive reusable tenant screening report made available to the landlord by a consumer reporting agency.

  • The tenant selection policy is available here.

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