Substitution Addendum

A Lease Agreement regarding the premises having address 1210 NE 124th St., Seattle WA 98125, as may have been amended by extension(s) and substitution(s), with term ending (as extended) on __________________________, incorporated herein by reference ("Lease"), provides that a new Resident or Residents may become parties thereto, releasing Departing Residents subject to conditions of due process. Therefore Thomas C. Veatch ("Owner") and ________________________, ___________________________, ___________________________, ___________________________, ____________________________, and ___________________________ ("Resident(s)") agree as follows:

The above named Resident(s) hereby enter into the Lease as parties thereto.

Owner and Resident(s) hereby release any previous Occupants, Tenants, and Residents not listed here who have been signatory to the Lease ("Departing Resident(s)") from obligation to pay further rent under the Lease after the effective date of this Agreement, only if: (1) all Residents as a group are paid up on rent, deposit, and any other applicable charges, (2) any new Resident(s) have paid their share of deposit and first month's rent, and (3) no Departing Resident is then in default of a financial or other Lease obligation to Owner or to other Residents, and (4) each Departing Resident has vacated their private space(s) / room and left it in move-in condition per the Move In / Out checklist, subject to cleaning/repairs charges against their Deposit.

Owner agrees to deliver a vacated space in move-in condition to its next Occupant if Owner has inspected said space(s) after being vacated, if other Resident(s) are done with any work therein, and if Owner has had reasonable time to return the space to move-in condition before being occupied again. In this case other Residents are hereby permitted to carry out that work and to charge Owner therefor; lost rent, labor, and material costs shall be chargeable to the respective Departing Resident(s)'s deposit; the remainder shall be returned by Owner via a single check to the respective Departing Resident at their last forwarding address in Owner's records within a month of the vacating date along with a statement of account.

If a vacated space or room is occupied by a successor Resident and deposit is paid directly by a successor Resident to a Departing Resident, then the successor Resident both accepts and takes responsibility for said space including any cleaning and repairs that may be required after successor's departure.

The Lease is hereby amended as to signatory parties, substituting Resident(s) listed here from the effective date forward. Owner and each and all Resident(s) agree to, and recommit to each other under, the Lease as amended. Each Resident is hereafter bound by all the terms of the Lease the same as any other Resident as though an original signatory of the Lease. If a Resident later becomes a Departing Resident within a future Substitution Addendum having substantially similar terms to this Substitution Addendum, Resident accepts and agrees to comply with its terms. New Residents may occupy the Premises after their space is in move-in condition or after accepting responsibility for its condition, and after payment of his/her share of deposit and the remainder of that months' rent.

In witness whereof, the parties have executed their agreement, effective as of_________________________.

OwnerResident (& Primary POC)