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... How to Substitute in Rental Cohousing ...

  • Just find somebody that everybody not only likes but also trusts, because you know everybody has to be able to pay the rent, and everybody relies on each other financially.
  • Not a bad idea to keep a wait list for potential members.
  • Get them to fill out a rental application and the landlord will run a background check and (typically) approve them.
  • When everyone is happy and ready to pull the trigger, we all sign the Substitution Addendum which specifies the data and the new person puts down their deposit.
  • The departing person moves out, leaving the space clean; landlord comes to inspect the space; either the housemates or the landlord gets any final deep cleaning painting or repairs done; then the new person can move in.
  • The new person moves in. Good time for a graduation and welcome party!
  • Landlord sends the departing person back their deposit less any costs for repairs etc.

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