Bliss Theory

Considering what bliss ignorance is supposed to be,
it is no surprise if conceptualizing Bliss
kicks up a hornet's nest of deep thoughts
on self, truth, beauty, meaningfulness, value, logic and evolution.
May you enjoy the reading as much as this one did the writing.

Non cogito sum
ergo beatitudo




[I] (pronounced as 'Optional I')

"[I]: an identification-bound model of (ir-)rational emotion"
(abstract accepted for the MathPsych conference 2023).

The Logic of Irrational Emotion

Applications Abound

Self? Which Self?

On Motivation

Meaningfulness Itself

The Ugliness of Beauty

Theory of Bliss 2012

Emotional merger as a general process

The Crease of Logic

Logic from Space


Darwinian Selection Logic

Life, Child of Logic. Humanity, Child of Life.

Foundations of Future AI

Hierarchy, Value, and Emotion

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