Tom Veatch

Flames of inspiration often leave smoke signals behind.
From mine, these.

A Random Selection

How to type Zoë

Because dieresis is standard, but non-standard

The Worry Goddess

Taking something to an extreme, might be soothing.

Small Engine Repair

Note to self on how to repair my lawnmower and string trimmer.

Postural Anesthesia

My posture trick, which is anesthetic against post-surgical pain. Learn it, try it. An old man once told me, I'm going to use that on my death bed.

Tom's Inventions

15 inventions you might like.

Tom's Diet and Supplements

Feel free to ignore my example, or to be stimulated to learn from it. But do read and share my 'Message to Black, Brown, and "White" People'. Also the important idea of the Optimum Healthy Allowances for nutrients, not just the RDA which is a limited if not bankrupt idea.

A Case of Insufficient Communication

Are talkers responsible to achieve uptake by listeners? Is it just mean to not explain when someone says What? Or is there a good reason, sometimes?

Expectable Declines

What I found as I got older

Residential Solar Technologies

Stuff I learned during my plumbing apprenticeship

Wing In Ground-effect Boat Design

Here is an accumulation of design criteria and ideas from others, and my own. A boat could float in the air, with the right wings, speed, controls. Not a miracle, but a miraculous engineerable possibility, perhaps.

Auditory User Interfaces

AUI is to GUI as ears are to eyes. In 27 years, little progress. This aspect of the Metaverse was conceived in 1995: a vision of how computers can improve our auditory environments, to benefit not just the blind but everyone with ears. Because the auditory channel carries more than just meaningless or musical background; it can be information-bearing as to place and source and content, so we could, should, enable our software to interact with us intelligently using those informational channels. Why not? Conceptual introduction, design specifications, killer applications, etc.

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