The Home of the Brave?

by Thomas Veatch
July 5, 2013

I have always been a corny fellow who cries at the national anthem, when it asks Americans our defining question:
O say, does that star spangled banner still wave over the land of the free and the home of the brave.
Because we have enjoyed our rights and freedoms only because of our bravery in defending them.

Today, of course, the same flag waves, but is it the home of the brave?

In hot current news is a story about a man who everyone can agree with or disagree with, but noone can deny he is a brave brave man. Edward Snowden. Obviously America is not his home any more, he is locked up in the airport in Moscow, so America is clearly not the Home of [Every] Brave [Soul].

As it also challenges me, I'm asking you, out loud, here, Who are you? Are you brave? Are you even an American?

I believe there are some Americans who actually agree:

  • THAT IT SHOULD BE, that the US spy system, the National Security Administration, should have a copy of everyone's email and private social media and communications, all the private data at Google, FaceBook, Yahoo, etc., that the government not only should record it and be able to read it, but should also have computers actually look at it and classify it as worth reading based on anything they want, and then have people there personally read anything they want.
  • THAT IT SHOULD BE A SECRET, that the Government should be able to have that access without telling us
  • THAT THEY SHOULD LIE ABOUT IT, that they lie to Congress about it so that even within government it is not just a secret but an actively denied, dirty, lying secret, and
  • THAT GOVERNMENT AND PEOPLE SHOULD NOT KNOW, DEBATE, OR DECIDE IT, that our beloved United States governed By The People with a government Of The People, should have no knowledge or debate about it, nor influence over allowing it.
Yes there may be some Americans who believe all that.

But there is No American who cannot see the Bravery of Edward Snowden, who has deliberately and consciously sacrificed his life in every sense for his cause, which is a cause of freedom in and for the United States of America.

And yet in the Home of the Brave, who has even raised their voice against the government's spies? Until today, I heard noone.

Whatever you think about Snowden, you are not an American if you are not Brave, and Bravery means standing up against bullies, protesting when your rights are being taken away, sacrificing something to protect our American character.

Edward Snowden is an American. Are you?


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Modified: July 5, 2013