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  • Tea Lady, a scientist's app
  • Teachionary with 18 languages
  • My Word: new words, passwords, names
  • Siddhasana™ Meditation Seats are cool!
  • Real Estate (valuation tool etc.)
  • Scranton Veatch, LLC., is a landlord in Scranton Pennsylvania (2018-)
  • Spot Plumbing operated in 2018-2019 and is closed.
  • Plumber's Co-operative ran 2013-2017 and is closed.
  • Sprex, Inc. ran 1995-2007 and is closed.
  • Fun with Plumbing
  • House Color Scheme Tester
  • Green Plumbing: Drain Water Heat Exchangers
  • Ping Pong classes at Green Lake TTC
  • Math tutor (addition)

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