Tom Veatch

Flames of inspiration often leave smoke signals behind.
From mine, these.


Some Water Waves

...A partial typology of water waves...

Water waves come in a small set of types, listed here. Discover the anti-causal wave, the Soliton, the horizontal sheet flow, and other curiosities. Then, try to explain them.

Some Plenties

There are plenty of things of which there are more than plenty of those things.

Professional Incapacity

Somehow those who do do, can't do. A funny list.


The many things referred to by 'Self', with commentary. Concluding with emotionally disinhibitory goodness.

A More General Theory of the Syllogism

Abstracting logic. Aristotle's list of syllogisms missed half of them; there's nothing to them (H!); and we can do better without.

Still it is pretty fun and cool, considering this was the intellectual pinnacle of humanity for 2000 years, and plus I'd say this is not a bad introduction to "term logic", and might be suggested reading for students of computer science, philosophy, classics, and/or math.

Benefax (Progress)

Introducing the Benefax Flows Model, which generalizes economics from transactions to flows and from unidimensional, monetary valuation to many dimensions of value, and which focusses decision-making on downstream ripple effects. Much better!

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