Tom Veatch

Flames of inspiration often leave smoke signals behind.
From mine, these.


Gut cassette.

An invention to study the microbiome.

Postural Anesthesia

My posture trick, which is anesthetic against post-surgical pain. Learn it, try it. An old man once told me, I'm going to use that on my death bed.

The Oxytocin Vortex

Implications of hormone science for romantic relationships.

Everyone likes oxytocin. But it can mess you up, so know what you're dealing with and be responsible.

A Theory of Anger

in which the existence of Anger is questioned, and the current standard of care for angry people is critiqued and improved upon. This one is important.

Covid and Other Costs and Benefits

Because there are costs, including lives lost not from Covid but from the shutdown

It's Over, or, Zombie Russian Roulette

A funny/sick model of Covid ending, and ending sooner than expected

Narnian Nights

What it's like to have hypnic headaches.

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