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Humor Theory

N+V Humor Theory

Veatch's 1998 "A Theory of Humor"

Summary of N+V Humor Theory

N+V Humor Theory, Briefly.

N+V Humor Theory, UCLA lecture materials

Homework videos for comments, Lecture notes, the lecture itself

Wired Magazine Cuttings

Wired cut out my part of the story, but they were nice enough to let me read what they wrote.

Cartoons of the Prophet (PBUH)

Theory of Humor applied to the Mohammad Cartoons

Bliss Theory and Thereabouts

How psychology must be that bliss is possible. Read about it here.

The Logic of Irrational Emotion

... a model of suffering and liberation....

Emotion in general, considered evolutionarily and logically. Mathematical notation for the emotional process. Review of N+V Humor Theory using it.

Veatch asserts that the process of identifying yourself with an emotionally significant circumstance or role has a binding function whereby the emotional system is bound or required to implement the specific emotion that the system associates with that circumstance or role. That is, identification binds emotion.

From this, much follows. Bound, a person harmonizes with others in shared understanding, moral assessment, and feeling, around a shared activity. Bound, a person is not free to experience the moment, the now, the timeless flow, but is instead aware of their status and moral self-assessment. Unbound, wherein identification does not occur, emotional flow states, high performance, spiritual goodness, etc., occur with attention paid to the evolving situation rather than to thinking about how it reflects upon you and tells a story about you. Unbound, the person has access to the unconditioned or irrational emotions of bliss, serenity, transcendence, etc. Veatch's Razor, distinguishing these, is given.

Mathematical Theory of Humor

N+V made mathematical.

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