Tom Veatch

Flames of inspiration often leave smoke signals behind.
From mine, these.


Table Tennis

I love ping pong. Connections, writings, schedules, coaches, ... lots here

Barnyard Mommy

An ode to motherhood. Cute, funny, short.

Real Time Scrolling Spectrograph

Watching a time-frequency analysis unroll on the screen as you speak, whistle, or sing, is perhaps the coolest thing in all of speech science. I used one of these in grad school, so I wrote one when I had the chance. So amazing, so much fun! Speak slowly. Whistle! Do a scale. Say "why" slowly and watch your vowels evolve. Compare "you" and "yow". Compare high and low pitch. Go play!

Fourth Ball Surprise

Corkscrew X Underspin = Hidden Sidespin

Olga's Liberation

Setting free the nice rat that we captured

Wing In Ground-effect Boat Design

Here is an accumulation of design criteria and ideas from others, and my own. A boat could float in the air, with the right wings, speed, controls. Not a miracle, but a miraculous engineerable possibility, perhaps.


A few angles on a fun number.

Plumbing Is Fun

Fun facts from a plumber

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