Tom Veatch

Flames of inspiration often leave smoke signals behind.
From mine, these.


Table Tennis

I love ping pong. Connections, writings, schedules, coaches, ... lots here

Barnyard Mommy

An ode to motherhood. Cute, funny, short.

Real Time Scrolling Spectrograph

Watching a time-frequency analysis unroll on the screen as you speak, whistle, or sing, is perhaps the coolest thing in all of speech science. I used one of these in grad school, so I wrote one when I had the chance. So amazing, so much fun! Speak slowly. Whistle! Do a scale. Say "why" slowly and watch your vowels evolve. Compare "you" and "yow". Compare high and low pitch. Go play!

Olga's Liberation

Setting free the nice rat that we captured

Wing In Ground-effect Boat Design

Here is an accumulation of design criteria and ideas from others, and my own. A boat could float in the air, with the right wings, speed, controls. Not a miracle, but a miraculous engineerable possibility, perhaps.


A few angles on a fun number.

Plumbing Is Fun

Fun facts from a plumber

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