(A 1994 Resume, seeking a better job in business)



Former Stanford professor, one year after changing careers to learn business, seeks career business opportunity, initially in Sales, Applications Engineering, or Sales Management, in a company that is well-managed, growth-oriented, and has sustainable competitive advantages.

Business Skills

Summary of Experience: One year working in all areas of a computer component distribution company: 3 months sales, 2 months marketing, 4 months purchasing and distribution operations, 3 months managing the company's 28-store retail chain.


Sales: Efficient and professional cold-call prospecting, qualification, relationship development, need development, product presentation, effective closing; also strong on repeat business. Created viable channels in new, unrelated markets (opened consumer audio-visual electronics resellers to multimedia products).

Marketing: Developed effective sales support materials, managed deployment of advertising resources, negotiated contracts, designed economical, effective ad campaigns. Efficiency tools for sales: broadcast fax direct-marketing materials, created custom quote-generating software, set up Internet-based business communications hardware & software.

Purchasing: Reduced costs on 80% of items bought over a 4-month period. Developed old and new supplier relationships, including improved payment terms; leverage suppliers by studying their suppliers and our competition, created regular back-and-forth price-and-service competition between suppliers to maximize benefit.

Distribution Operations: Detailed knowledge of inventory control, shipping, warehouse management, return-merchandise procedures and policy, bar-code systems (h/w & s/w), efficient operations in receiving, order-fulfillment, & shipping. Reduced inventory levels by 20%. Maintained warehouse efficiency levels while reducing staff.

Management: Effective listening, planning, consensus building, group-aware decision-making, morale-enhancement. Regular and frequent followup. Leader of training sessions. Discipline. Hiring and firing. Intercultural communication and conflict resolution.

Academic & Professional Skills

Projects: maintaining high levels of concentration for long continuous periods of work, designing and completing large, detailed projects, learning complicated systems quickly, and shifting easily to new life and work conditions.

Analysis: statistical exploration and modeling of large datasets, numerical and mathematical sophistication, fast reading, accurately observing and understanding intricate and subconscious human behaviors.

Communication: teaching at all levels, making formal and informal presentations in public and in closed groups, interviewing and developing rapport with strangers, conducting cross-cultural communication with sensitivity, making explanations simple and clear. Technical support for students.

Computers: using a variety of computer systems (Unix, C, Sun, PC, Mac, etc.), learning programming languages and software systems rapidly, writing complex programs, developing clear documentation and procedures, training users, administering networked workstations.

Leadership: supervising and motivating workers (students and research assistants), facilitating a sense of community, consensus, and shared purpose, cutting through surface difficulties to underlying motivational problems and addressing them.


1991: Ph.D. in Linguistics from the University of Pennsylvania.

1984: B.A. in Linguistics and Cognitive Science from Stanford University, with distinction.

Academic & Professional Experience

1991-93: Visiting Assistant Professor, Stanford University. 1st Mellon Fellowship awarded to Linguistics in 13 years. Duties are to advise students on their work, conduct my own research, and teach two classes per year. Course topics included quantitative data analysis, computer techniques, acoustics, and the study of dialects, accents, and natural conversation. Also served as Phonetics Lab Director.

1992: Technical Consultant for SRI on a project which developed a speech-recognition-based device to aid in teaching pronunciation to Japanese elementary school students.

1990-91: Teaching Assistant for a graduate-level class on phonetics; taught occasional classes on computer use, transcribing speech, mathematics related to signal processing, acoustics.

Research Assistant. Set up the computer-based Phonetics Lab at U. Penn., wrote and documented software for teaching and research.

Fall 1989: Instructor for an undergraduate-level survey of sociolinguistics: dialects, social-class and ethnic accents, bilingualism, pidgins and creoles, cross-cultural (mis-)communication. Designed and implemented curriculum, lectures, homeworks, and exams.

1987-88: Research Assistant for NSF-sponsored project on Cross--Dialectal Comprehension. Designed and carried out experiments on perception of dialect sounds.

Fall 1983: Teaching Assistant for a graduate-level course in mathematics for linguists, Stanford.

1983: Computational Linguist. Wrote programs in C to translate output of a stenograph machine into input for a speech synthesizer. Veteran's Administration Rehabilitation Engineering R & D Center, Palo Alto.

1983: Programmer Wrote graphics programs in C on Sun-1 workstations for the Robotics Section of the Computer Science Department, Stanford University.

1979-80: Laboratory technician. Built equipment, conducted experiments, wrote software for graphics and for automating experiments in the Laser Damage Facility, Lauritsen Lab, NWC China Lake, CA.

Computer Experience

Years experience: 11 yrs C, Unix, and Sun workstation experience, 10 yrs IBM PC experience, 8 yrs Apple Macintosh experience, 9 yrs computational phonetics.

Unix: General: C, csh, awk, sed, egrep, perl, X11, Xview, postscript, LaTeX, S. System administration: hard disk installation, computer memory expansion, DSP board installation, general account creation and maintenance, filesystem maintenance, installation of new software packages and updates, some minor kernel modification, etc., mostly on Sun 4 workstations. Also worked with various speech and audio related software systems

Macintosh: wrote Hypercard-based teaching programs, used Excel, Word, Systat.

IBM-PC: wrote programs in Turbo C and BASIC, used Windows.

Programming languages C, FORTRAN, BASIC, Pascal, Hypertalk, S, C-shell, perl, awk.

Software written: Fast Fourier Transform subroutines, Hidden Markov Model (speech recognition) training/decoding programs, instructional multimedia programs for phonetics, speech database programs, and numerous ($>180$) programs for a variety of technical purposes in my research.

Research/Writing Experience

Book: English Vowels: Their Surface Phonology and Phonetic Implementation in Vernacular Dialects. A modified and expanded version of this 1991 University of Pennsylvania doctoral dissertation is under revision for publication by Cambridge University Press. Vowel acoustics, the English vowel system, computer-based methods for analysis of speech sounds, pronunciation patterns in conversational speech in four dialects (Jamaican English Creole, Chicago White English, Los Angeles Chicano English, and Alabama White English).

Conference Papers, Presentations, Seminars: 10 competitively reviewed research papers, and 7 invited presentations, given mostly at national conferences and workshops. Research topics revolve around the scientific study of spoken language: mathematical models for computer-based automatic recognition of speech, psychological experiments on the perception of speech sounds, the structure of the English sound system, ethnic and social-class accents, English dialects and Jamaican Creole. Also a paper on the psychology of humor.

Fellowships and Scholarships

1991-93: Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship, Stanford University. Spring 1990: Linguistics Department Fellowship, University of Pennsylvania.

1984-89: National Science Foundation Graduate Fellow.

Summer 1986: ``Language in the U.S.A.'' Fellow at the Linguistics Institute.

1985-86: Fellowship, Advanced Hindi Language Training Program, Amer. Inst. Indian Studies, New Delhi.

1979-80: National Merit Scholar.

Personal Interests

Reading. Sports: Advanced whitewater kayaking, table-tennis, discus, swimming. Furniture refinishing. Gardening (primarily spices).

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