Some Plenties

Have you noticed certain things have this shared quality: that there are plenty, more than plenty, in fact a vast unlimited oversupply, of certain, specific things.

What things? (says the economist, student of scarcity). Here's a short list, so far:

  • Fertilized: Seed, pinecones, dandelion fluff, fruit. And unfertilized: pollen, sperm, male sexual energy. Only a few may hit the jackpot, steps forward, of fertilization, germination, maturation. But as Darwin suggests, it may be an effective design where such vast plenty is provided.

  • Brilliant ideas. I could have come up with another thousand, just being one person, but getting others to be interested, much less turning them into reality, is a totally different thing. Ideas are easy to come by. At a certain point it's like being pregnant with dead babies, no joy there.

  • Stupidity. There's no limit to the ways you can be wrong. I know, I keep trying a lot of them out!

  • Love. Actually the world is love, full of love, people have hearts melting with love, there's so much love out there. Of course maybe people don't always see it. But there is a limitless supply, spilling out of the eyes of every momentarily-fearless oxytocin-bearing mammal, including you and me.

  • Forms for wisdom. Do you get it that a random scripture opened to a random page always has just the right thing for your particular situation? It's because the really wise ones speak from inner surrender, their words carry their state, to some degree, and inner surrender is the solution for every anxiety and stress and problem.

    If you have to fight to the death with your committed enemies even family like Arjuna in the Gita, surrender even there, to what? to your duty, and to whatever the outcome may be. For every situation there is a wisdom to heal, to empathically warm, to turn to insight, and it's all the same wisdom: turning off the ego attribution process.

    Inner surrender, in infinite forms:

    • Applied to social status it becomes humility;
    • applied to worries it becomes trust;
    • applied to your victim story it becomes forgiveness;
    • applied to the body it becomes relaxation;
    • applied to work it becomes service;
    • applied to action it becomes being "in the zone of effective action".

    Every situation is another opportunity to attribute, but equally or better yet to not attribute, qualities to yourself. Such-and-such happens, so I choose to attribute that to me, saying, it's my story, and thus I feel I'm in this role and I have this feeling. Or alternatively I cease the OCD storytelling activity and fail to attribute a role to myself and hey that feeling wafts away in the breeze, actually I'm free, serene, blissful, even in this situation. Same thing: non-attribution-to-self = bliss (also = effective performance, since in the zone that's what's going on). Or you can think about it in terms of the application to the detailed situation, then it develops a million faces and forms for wisdom.

    Anyway of that there is plenty, plenty, more than plenty, that's what we have nothing much but of.

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